When the economy isn't so hot, design might seem like a luxury item in the budget. But before you start cutting, consider the following:

1. This too shall pass.
The economy will turnaround and you need to be ready when it does.

2. Visibility is key.
Burying your head in the sand may make you feel insulated from the tanking economy but potential clients won't be able to find you if you're in hunker-down-and-hide mode. When there's less to go around, you need to stay foremost in your client's mind.

3. It is what it is.
Your great idea, service, or product can still be great, even when the economy is not. A good designer will know how to make it stand out from the crowd.

4. Creatives are really, um, creative.
When the same-old same-old is out of reach, turn to a designer for innovative ways to stretch those design dollars. We love a challenge.

5. Everyone else is doing it.
Well, maybe not everyone, but certainly any of your competitors with a long-term plan for success. For once, this is actually a valid reason!