"With information that is constantly in flux, ever-tightening project timelines, and a growing number of contributing editors, a marketing publication for my organization tends to very quickly take on a life of its own. Luckily, Joanna isn't put off by any of this,

and I've found that much of my own tension subsides once I've passed a job her way.

“From consulting on a new piece to the final press checks, Joanna's years of experience and high standards of professionalism shine at every step. Having worked with her regularly for three years, I know I can count on her impeccable attention to detail in not only the aesthetic design but also the content, ensuring that important updates are never overlooked. Since she’s adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously, I don’t have to worry about deadlines being missed, either.

“And the best part—our pieces always look amazing when they deliver!”
—marketing coordinator, Syracuse University