Oneida Community Mansion House brochure
The project included developing a modern presentation of the Oneida Community “OC” mark.

Oneida Community Mansion House typography and palette
The guide typography pays tribute to the community newspaper and its color palette draws on the mansion’s interior design.
Oneida Community Mansion House brochure interior 

The Oneida Community Mansion House wanted a fresh look for their self-guided tour brochure—something that honored its past while placing it firmly in the present day. The objective: To design a piece that visitors to the historic landmark would happily pay a modest fee for and want to keep as a souvenir. The project had a strict printing budget though. Step one was reaching out to their preferred print vendor to determine the optimal sheet size for their press. The finished guide folds to an easily carried 6.5 x 10.5 inches but opens to a large 13 x 21 inches. The nonstandard, vertical format is striking and practical.

Client: Oneida Community Mansion House
Services: Print design