Joanna Giansanti

I’ve been in your shoes.

In 2000, I left a perfectly good job in communications management to become a business owner of my own design studio. One lesson stands out from both careers: joining forces with the right people frees you to do the work you’re passionate about. And isn’t that why we’re both here?

For more than three decades, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing clients from education and business to nonprofits and the arts. As a one-person studio, I’ve come to view my clients as true partners in the design process. 

5 random facts


I majored in newspaper journalism and political science in college. 

Hell-bent on becoming a political reporter. Design turned out to be a better fit for my curiosity, but I learned how to tell a story. I make it my business to know and tell yours.

As a kid, I published a family magazine. 

Editorial design turned out to be one of my passions. 

I drive back roads instead of highways whenever possible. 

The occasional rush job is acceptable, but I do my best work with a firm deadline and a little room to let the magic happen.

Estate sales are my happy place. 

I love finding inspiration in unexpected places.

Patterns are the bomb! 

I make them for fun and sometimes they even pop up in my work. Follow along on Instagram to see more.

I cannot praise her enough for the fantastic job she did with what could have been a very stressful project. Instead, working together, we made it work and met our deadline, with the end result being a set of outstanding printed collateral that continues to earn us the highest compliments from our constituents and collaborators alike.

Jaime Alvarez

media relations and communications,
Syracuse University and Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways

Based in Syracuse, NY

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