I’ve been in your shoes.

As a business owner and former in-house communications manager, I know that hiring creative talent requires a huge leap of faith.

You might think I’m crazy, but the first thing I tell someone who is looking for a graphic designer is: shop around.

We’re not one size fits all. Look at my work. Have a coffee with me. Talk to my clients. Most important, trust your gut.

Partnering with the right designer frees you to do the work you’re passionate about. And that’s why we’re both here.
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Five random facts about me (and how they inform my work)

I wanted to be a journalist. I majored in newspaper journalism and political science in college, hell-bent on becoming a political reporter. Design turned out to be a much better fit for my natural curiosity, but journalism school taught me a very important skill: how to tell a story. In my work, I make it my business to know and tell yours.

As a kid, I published a family magazine. Editorial design turned out to be one of my passions. (I also had a fascination with Scotch® tape but have yet to figure out how that fits in!)

I drive back roads instead of highways whenever possible. The occasional rush job is acceptable, but I do my best work with a firm deadline and a little room to let the magic happen.

My idea of a perfect shopping day starts at the farmers’ market and ends at estate sales. I love working with local businesses and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

I left a perfectly good job in communications management to start my own studio. I’ve seen the client-designer relationship from both sides. Today, it’s my goal to make the process drama-free, rewarding, and fun.

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Enough about me already!