Sugar Boat

Goods & Gifting in Charm City

Sugar Boat is a Baltimore gift shop that features local gifts and hosts hands-on workshops. They came to me in search of a brand identity that would instantly convey the purpose of the shop to passersby and capture the spirit of the Federal Hill neighborhood it calls home.

Sugar Boat’s name is a nod to Baltimore’s historic working waterfront and the Domino Sugar factory. Most goods are sourced from within 100 miles of the city. “We love ships, not shipping,” says the owner.

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I showed her my Pinterest board. I gave her my vision. I didn’t want it to look like anyplace else—just the place I saw in my head. Could she do all that?

Why yes, yes she could. When I saw Joanna’s first design for Sugar Boat, my eyes welled up with tears. She nailed it.

Joyce Lombardi

owner, Sugar Boat


Water, water everywhere! Waves, boats, and even the Francis Scott Key Bridge make appearances. 


Sugar Boat’s Small Craft Advisory Crew keeps it analog with immersive DIY workshops for hands-on crafting and gifting, like this kintsugi workshop.

The Refinery is its pre-loved, upcycled goods section.

Four months in, the store is a big hit in the neighborhood. Some customers praise the logo itself, the warmth and distinctive pop of it. “It immediately says what you are,” said one. “Your designer is extremely talented,” said another. Indeed she is.

Joyce Lombardi

owner, Sugar Boat


Shop and kintsugi images courtesy of Joyce Lombardi, Sugar Boat

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