Rockingham Roasters

Old World Coffee, New World Conscience

Rockingham Roasters is a coffee roaster and café in Bellows Falls, Vermont. They came to me looking for a flexible brand identity that would grow as their business rolled out—first as a wholesale and retail coffee roaster and later as a coffee shop and bistro after the restoration of their historic building was complete.

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Rockingham Roasters logo
Rockingham Roasters arch

The landscape and history of Bellows Falls served up plenty of design inspiration. Historic railroad heralds inspired the typography, while the arcing bridges that span the Connecticut River gorge gave shape to the wordmark. The rounded corners and interlocking letters kept things warm and inviting.

The mighty coffee bean is the heart of the visual identity, working as a repeating pattern, flower icon, and surface design.

Rockingham Roasters coffee bean flower
Rockingham Roasters green pattern

Joanna really listens so that she really gets you and your project. Then she works her magic to create exactly what you wanted but couldn’t describe!

Jennifer Gurley

owner, Rockingham Roasters

Rockingham Roasters site as Baldasaro's

The color palette builds on the historic paint colors selected for the building restoration.

From the beginning, 99% of Rockingham Roaster’s profits have gone to restoring their historic building, located on The Square in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Pictured is the site as Baldasaro’s Fruit Market, circa 1910. 

Rockingham Roasters primary palette
Rockingham Roasters secondary palette

A deep commitment to good coffee and sustainable business practices inspired the design process. We worked together to source compostable packaging that can adapt as the business grows and new technologies become available. Stamps for the blend names simplify the packaging.

Rockingham Roasters coffee blend stamps
Rockingham Roasters mugs

Mugs by KB Ceramics, Putney, Vermont.

Joanna pursues then reigns in my whims. I trust her judgment completely. Plus she’s got great hair.

Jennifer Gurley

owner, Rockingham Roasters

Rockingham Roasters t-shirts

Baldasaro’s image courtesy of Rockingham Free Public Library. Rockingham Roasters winter exterior courtesy of Windham Antique Center, Bellows Falls, Vermont.

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